How it works

A new efficient way of cleaning

Nature’s own method for breaking down oil spill (biodegradation) – the only difference is that the natural process takes years compared to weeks.

“I love how simple this product absorbes the oil. And, its good for our nature"
Major Features

The full process of DissOil


We constantly improve our products, by listening to nature

Our latest feature are the new resealable bags. Every little something we can add to reduce waste, is a win for us.

A bulleted list what we will offer you

We love to be transparant in what we do. We aim to help organisations deal with their oil spill problems and don't affect nature. 

A 100% natural product, made of cork
That absorbes oil in seconds
That won't leave any harmfull residu
And is highly cost-effictive

Hydro carbon chain is cut intosmaller fragments by DissOil

Good and beneficial microbes from soil, i.e. non-GMO, are mixed with cork – DissOil
Oils are absorbed by DissOil and the breaking-down process is activated by water (moisture from soil, dew and rain are catalysts)
Once activated the microbes excrete a cascade of enzymes that break down oils, i.e. hydrocarbon chains, into harmless fragments, carbon dioxide, water and heat.
Enzymes are “biochemical scissors” that cut chemical bonds of macromolecules into fragments.
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