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We're building something that impacts on our nature

We believe that we can reduce the impact that we humans have on nature. Do you agree?
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We are not a big company with unlimited resources

but more important, we are dedicated guys with a gream and a fantastic product

2018 June 14
Pilot study together with Billerudkorsnas, one of Sweden's largest foresting companies. The goal was to field test DissOil in actual oil spill situations.
2019 November 1
New packages are released. The new package is developed for large scale production and has new key features as for example resealable top which makes DissOil even easier to use.
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Our Team

A growing team that cares about our planet.

Johan de Faire
Co-Founder & CEO
Tommy Blom
Co-Founder & CEO
Jesper Blom
Co-Founder & CEO
Jean-Luc de Potter
Benelux Director
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“Sustainability is our passion and is an integrated part of Implenia’s business model. An important valuation for us is that we take responsibility for ourselves, as well as for our environment and for society.”

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The people behind DissOil

We believe that we can make a difference with DissOil in this world. We will always need different types of oils and fuels in the world, regardless if it is products made from crude oil or from vegetable oil. This means that we also in the future will spill lubricants, oils and fuels in nature. The result is often death of animals and plants as well as contamination of the ground water.
DissOil is a product that can prevent or at least limit the damage caused by these spills. We are three entrepreneurs with different background but with the same goal – to limit the impact that humans have on nature. Our believe is that we will not stop using oil-based products (crude oil based or vegetable based) – that means that we need to have good solutions for limiting the impact such products have on nature.

We are convinced that DissOil is a product that both limits the negative impact on nature as well as saves money for the companies or authorities that is responsible for the spillage..
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